Fire Doors

Fire doors are a critical safety feature of any building where people work or visit, as they limit the spread of fire and smoke. They also provide important fire protection on escape routes. All fire doors are classified based on their fire-rating level (FRL), more commonly referred to as the fire rating. Typically, this FRL is 30min, 60min and in some cases, up to 120min or even 240min (as it is for rooms housing electricity transformers).

Fire doors are an important part of the Hallmark Group’s product offering. We have one of the widest ranges available in either vermiculite or particleboard cores. 

The complete door-set for a fire door includes a jamb that may be made of timber up to 60min and then steel.

Our fire doors include hinged single and double leaf doors up to 240min and double-action single and double leaf doors up to 120 mins, as well as large fire-rated sliding doors. Side lights and over panels are available as are standalone fire windows in timber and steel. Whatever your project, please contact one of our highly trained engineers to discuss your specific fire door requirements.

Fire Doors Specifications

Fire Door Data Sheets
  30min 60min 120min 240min
Hinged Single HF30S HF60S HF120S HF240S
Hinged Double HF30D HF60D HF120D HF240D
Double Action Single HF30SDA HF60SDA HF120SDA  
Double Action Double HF30DDA HF60DDA HF120DDA  
Side & Toplight Single HF30SSTL HF60SSTL    
Side & Toplight Double HF30DSTL HF60DSTL    

Finish Options

We have a large range of finishing options from wood veneer, powder coating and paint finishing. Please contact us for further details.

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