Acoustic Doors

When sound connects with a barrier such as a door, energy from the sound vibrations transfers to the door. The mass, damping and stiffness of the barrier determine its resistance to the passage of sound waves. The greater the mass, the less sound is transmitted through the barrier. Stiffness is also a factor in sound transmission. The design of the Hallmark Group’s acoustic door-sets carefully considers all the factors that affect door sound reduction, to create a product that performs superbly. 

A door’s acoustical performance is referred to as its sound transmission class (STC) or STC rating. The higher the STC value, the better the performance as shown in this chart.

The Hallmark Group has a specialist range of acoustic door designs up to and beyond STC41. It includes fire-rated, single and pair doors and interconnecting door-sets. Please contact our engineers at any time to discuss your acoustic door requirements. 

  STC Performance Description
  50-60 Excellent Loud sounds heard faintly or not at all
  40-60 Very Good Loud speech heard faintly
TruStile Doors with Correct Gasketing 35-40 Good Loud speech heard but hardly intelligible
TruStile Doors with Correct Gasketing 30-35 Fair Loud speech understood fairly well
  25-30 Poor Normal speech understood easily and distinctly
Typical Hollow
Core Door
20-25 Very Good Low speech audible

Acoustic Doors Specifications

Acoustic Door Data Sheets
  STC31 STC37 STC39 STC41
Non Rated Single HA31S HA37S HA39S HA41S
Non Rated Double HA31D HA37D HA39D HA41D
Fire Single HAF31S HAF37S HAF39S HAF41S
Fire Double HAF31D HAF37D HAF39D HAF41D
Fire Interconnecting HAF31IC HAF37IC HAF39IC HAF41IC

Finish Options

We have a large range of finishing options from wood veneer, powder coating and paint finishing. Please contact us for further details.

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