Fire Windows

Fire-rated window systems are becoming increasingly popular in commercial areas both for their aesthetics and practicability. New systems are now available using timber or steel up to 60 mins and then steel only.

Fire-rated window systems include sidelights, top lights and standalone window systems. Limitations in size exist, however the Hallmark Group’s access to technical expertise in the UK and Australia, means we have one of the most comprehensive product offerings available in New Zealand.

Our fire doors include the option of special intumescent gasketing systems that ensure fire performance and integrity (as does wood density), depending on the fire rating.

We also offer leading-edge fire-rated 60min aluminium doors, sidelights and window systems. These products open up a whole new world of aesthetics and design options for architects. Whatever your project requirements, we welcome you contacting one of our highly trained engineers who can assist with design and recommendations.

Fire Windows Specifications

Fire Windows Data Sheets

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