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Hallmark have added a premium cavity slider unit to our range. This unit has evolved from years of experience and extensive research, development and testing. Our goal was to introduce a cavity slider into the market that is manufactured using the highest quality components, is easy to use and install, is uncomplicated and affordable.

Hallmark cavity systems are all about creating more useable space. An excellent option where space is at a premium, saving almost 1m² of floor area needed for an average swinging door.

Cavity sliders offer versatility to create the space you need, making the area more efficient and functional. Close the door for privacy, warmth, charm and quietness, or hide the door to create spaciousness, view, openness and light. The doors simply disappear inside the wall leaving the floors and walls free. This gives you more space for furniture, artwork, appliances and shelving.

Our CAVZERO™ system gives all Hallmark cavity sliders stunning clean lines.

Engineered to allow minimal clearance between the door and the head track, CAVZERO™ equipped cavity sliders are able to adapt to any interior. Unsightly buttons on head jambs are a thing of the past, all that is visible is the door and the track. All other components are concealed and the capping is paintable to match your interior. No visible screw fixings at all. On full height doors, there are aluminium extrusions to allow for a flush plaster finish with the track and ceiling panels.

CAVZERO™ is not only aesthetically pleasing, the system makes installation and removal of cavity sliders a breeze. Door trims are not required to be removed, eliminating the risk of damage to the door, walls and trims when the door needs to be removed. Also resulting in easy re-installation.


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