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                The Hallmark Group prides itself on bringing the best quality doors to the New Zealand market. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, we’re able to supply you with the best door solution for your unique environment.

                We manufacture and supply: fire doors, acoustic doors, standard paint quality doors, V grooved doors, veneer doors, sliding and bi-folding doors, fire windows and our superb range of upmarket Urbinos aluminium doors, partitioning and skirtings.

                Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and we are continually innovating with the latest technology to deliver the best solutions. Whether it be for the healthcare, education, accommodation, commercial or residential markets, the Hallmark Group sets the benchmark in quality for New Zealand’s door industry. Our superb offerings are backed by professional, timely service and superior expertise.

                Want to know more? If you’d like to discuss a specific project, please get in touch or feel free to browse our website for information on our product range that meets your specific needs.

                Fire Doors

                Fire doors are an important safety feature of any building in which people work or visit, as they offer resistance to the spread of fire and smoke, limiting its effect.

                halmark interior doors accomodation 2

                Acoustic Doors

                When sound connects with a barrier such as a door, energy from the sound vibrations transfers to the door. The mass, damping and stiffness of the barrier determine its resistance to the passage of sound waves.

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                Standard Doors

                The standard door range refers to the Hallmark Group’s functional yet stylish doors for residential use. This range has been created with a singular focus and desire for excellence. It is the most expansive premium door offering available in New Zealand.

                hallmark luxury doors nza

                Sliding and Bifolding Doors

                Hallmark designs & manufactures a wide range of sliding and folding door systems. New track systems for face sliding doors are particularly innovative. Both the stainless steel exposed roller system & concealed track system offer a unique design and aesthetic features.

                hallmark new zealand interior doors bifolding sliding 3

                Fire Windows

                Fire-rated window systems are becoming increasingly popular in commercial areas both for their aesthetics and practicability.
                New systems are now available using timber or steel up to 60 mins and then steel only.

                hallmark new zealand fire windows 2


                Hallmark Group’s aluminium Urbinos product range for interiors is simply superb. It consists of two-piece aluminium door frames, aluminium trims for cavity sliders, negative detail skirtings and a wide range of other door trim options and inserts that truly enhance interior design.

                hallmark new zealand interior doors urbinos 1

                Cavity Sliders

                Hallmark's premium cavity sliders use the highest quality components making them easy to use and install. All Hallmark cavity sliders are now available with CAVZERO™, an exclusive easy to use track system giving stunningly clean lines to your interior.

                Cavity Sliders Classic HERO2

                Hallmark Group Ltd is New Zealand's leading manufacturer of quality craftsman-made interior doors.


                p. +64 3 313 4754