Specialised door treatments such as edgings, vision panels and advanced acoustics are all features of doors that meet the education sector’s needs. For example, new self-directed learning (SDL) centres and facilities need special door treatments.

          Special door edgings to reduce the risk of fingers being trapped, liquid crystal vision panels that can be changed at the flick of a switch from clear to frosted and brightly-coloured high pressure laminate [HPL] door finishes, are a few of the many features that provide better and more dynamic learning environments for students.

          Acoustics are of critical importance in the classroom and all modern learning environment (MLE) classroom upgrades must comply with the designing quality learning spaces (DQLS) standards. 

          The Hallmark Group understands and appreciates the need for good classroom acoustics and designs its acoustic doors to particularly protect against inter-tenancy noise that can interrupt classroom activities.

          We offer the education sector a comprehensive range of doors and finishes including fire doors, acoustic doors, HPL and other finishes. Whatever your project application, please contact our technical team to discuss the best solution for your needs.

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          Fire Doors

          Fire doors are an important safety feature of any building in which people work or visit, as they offer resistance to the spread of fire and smoke, limiting its effect.

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          Acoustic Doors

          When sound connects with a barrier such as a door, energy from the sound vibrations transfers to the door. The mass, damping and stiffness of the barrier determine its resistance to the passage of sound waves.

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          Standard Doors

          The standard door range refers to the Hallmark Group’s functional yet stylish doors for residential use. This range has been created with a singular focus and desire for excellence. It is the most expansive premium door offering available in New Zealand.

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          sliding and bifolding doors

          Hallmark designs & manufactures a wide range of sliding and folding door systems. New track systems for face sliding doors are particularly innovative. Both the stainless steel exposed roller system & concealed track system offer a unique design and aesthetic features.

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          Fire Windows

          Fire-rated window systems are becoming increasingly popular in commercial areas both for their aesthetics and practicability. New systems are now available using timber or steel up to 60 mins and then steel only.

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          Hallmark Group’s aluminium Urbinos product range for interiors is simply superb. It consists of two-piece aluminium door frames, aluminium trims for cavity sliders, negative detail skirtings and a wide range of other door trim options and inserts that truly enhance interior design.

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